Japanese sweet "Eat trout Snoopy"

From the character motif Japanese confectionery "Eat trout" brand, the "Eat trout Snoopy" series will be released at each Lawson store on August 20 (excluding some stores). The price is 259 yen each (excluding tax).

Japanese sweets of "Snoopy" with a cute shape and cute eyes, "Joe Cool" with dignified sunglasses, and "Charlie Brown" with a lovely smile. As the name "Eatable Mascot" suggests, the charm points of each of the three characters are expressed in a chubby Neri-kiri. Not only Snoopy's collar, but also Joe Cool's arm-folded pose and Charlie Brown's clothing pattern are carefully crafted. It's so photogenic that you'll want to take a picture of all three of them.

Japanese sweet "Eat trout Snoopy"

Snoopy has "chocolate flavor", Joe Cool has "salt vanilla flavor", and Charlie Brown has "custard flavor". You can enjoy the delicate taste and moist mouthfeel unique to Japanese sweets.

The size is about 40 mm in total length (excluding the package). Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

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