Matsuya "Rough chicken butter chicken curry"
Matsuya's new curry menu expands nationwide

Matsuya's new curry menu "Korokoro Chicken Butter Chicken Curry" will be on sale at all stores nationwide (excluding some) from August 6th. It was handled only in some stores, but sales will be expanded.

The popular menu "Butter Chicken Curry" from the Matsuya Group's curry specialty store "My Curry Shokudo" has been incorporated into Matsuya and has been uniquely arranged. It has a rich and mild taste, and the flavorful buttery scent and tomato umami spread, making it a dish that goes well with rice.

The price is 650 yen for the average size (tax included, the same applies below), and 750 yen for the large size. It comes with miso soup and comes with raw vegetables for an additional charge of 100 yen. You can take it home, but in that case miso soup will cost an additional 60 yen.

It has already been handled at 69 stores since July 16th, and when asked whether it should be expanded nationwide from the following day 17th on Matsuya's Twitter official account etc., a lot of support was gathered and it was decided to expand sales. Please note that some stores such as "Oi Racecourse Store", "Nishinomiya Najio SA Store", and "Kwansei Gakuin University Store" do not handle this.