"Lemon cream chicken curry" from my curry restaurant

A new menu "Lemon Cream Chicken Curry" will be available from the curry specialty store "My Curry Shokudo" from 10 am on August 31st. Matsunoya store will be on sale at 15:00 on September 1st. The price is 680 yen (tax included).

Lemon cream chicken curry

"Lemon cream chicken curry" is a refreshing summer-like curry that gives off the scent of lemon in your nose with a bite. The refreshing acidity of lemon and the umami of chicken are irresistible, and it is a rich gem. The sourness of the lemon is not overstated, and the cream curry is mellow and rich. A "fresh" taste that overturns the "solid" image of Matsuya Foods. It goes well with chicken and potatoes, making it a perfect dish for this hot season. To go is possible.

The new menu "Lemon Cream Chicken Curry" at the My Curry Cafeteria, which you can enjoy refreshingly on a hot day. Please do try that out.

* Cream is not used. The cream expresses that it is creamy.
* The tax-included price inside the store and for To go is the same.