Fujiya "Sanrio Characters Macaron (Summer Limited Design)"
I want all kinds! (The image is quoted from the official website)

"Sanrio Characters Macaron (Summer Limited Design)" is on sale from Fujiya. The size is 43 mm in diameter. The price is 180 yen each (tax included).

This is a macaron with a Sanrio character printed on it. There are 6 types of designs: Hello Kitty Macaron, My Melody Macaron, Pompompurin Macaron, Cinna Morol Macaron, Keroppi Macaron, and Peko-chan Macaron.

Fujiya "Sanrio Characters Macaron (Summer Limited Design)"

・ Hello Kitty Macaron (Amaou Strawberry)
Macaron with rich strawberry flavor using cream with Amaou strawberry sauce.

・ My Melody Macaron (Franboise)
Macaroons sandwiched with sweet and sour Franboise cream.

・ Pompompurin Macaron (Purin)
Macaroons with caramel-scented pudding cream are irresistible for pudding lovers.

・ Cinnamoroll macaroons (vanilla)
A macaron sandwiched with cream containing vanilla beans from Madagascar that has a gentle and sweet scent.

・ Keroppi Macaron (Matcha)
Macaron sandwiched with Uji matcha cream with rich tea flavor.

・ Peko-chan Macaron (Chocolat)
Macaroons made from Belgian chocolate with a fragrant and luxurious taste.

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