Kameyama "Imuraya Azuki Bar Candle"
To that person who liked the Azuki bar

Kameyama sells "Imuraya Azuki Bar Candle" that does not melt even at room temperature. The price is 680 yen per bottle (excluding tax).

This is a candle in the shape of "Azuki Bar". "Imuraya" headquartered in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture and "Kameyama" originated in Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture are the dream "Mie Prefecture Corporate Collaboration". This is a new work of Kameyama's "Favorite Food Series" that was born from the desire to "dedicate what the deceased liked with all his thoughts."

Not only the shape of the ice cream, but also the package design looks exactly like the real thing. We are particular about the details, and the azuki beans are realistically reproduced with or without simmering.

"Imuraya Azuki Bar Candle" is a perfect offering for those who loved Azuki Bar and ice cream. How about this year's Obon offering together with " Imuraya Azuki Bar Mini Dimensional Incense Stick"?

Kameyama "Imuraya Azuki Bar Candle"