Kameyama "Unaju Candle"
It's like the real thing!

Kameyama, which manufactures and sells candles and incense sticks, sells the new "Unaju Candle" from the popular "Favorite Candle Series". The price is 680 yen (excluding tax). Burning time is about 1 hour.

This is a candle with "Unaju" design. Kabayaki with brown eyes and rice with plenty of sauce are realistically reproduced. Each one is handmade, and it is made with attention to fine details such as delicate roasting, the condition of the sauce soaked in the rice, and the leaves of Japanese pepper.

The package is designed with pickles, liver suckers, and buns along with "Unaju candles", so you can feel like you're in the miniature world and never get bored. You can display it on the Buddhist altar as it is, or you can light the tray as a mukaebi or okuribi.

Kameyama "Unaju Candle"

"Unagi candles" are perfect for offering to the deceased, who loved eels. Why don't you choose a unique candle for this year's Obon festival?