Capsule toy "Imuraya Motto! Fun snack collection"
I want them all! (The image is quoted from the official website)

Takara Tomy Arts sells the capsule toy "Imuraya Motto, Motto! Fun Snack Collection". 200 yen (tax included) once. The contents are random.

This is a miniature mascot of Imuraya's popular product. New products such as "Round slice pineapple ice cream" and "Yawamochi ice cream" have been added to the third popular series.

With a ball chain that is easy to attach to a backpack or pouch, the mascot body size is about 3 cm. "Melon ball", "Yawamochi ice cream", and "Canned water yokan" are designed so that the lid can be opened, and the ice cream and yokan inside are also reproduced firmly. Each mascot comes with a mini tag with a printed package design.

The lineup consists of eight types: "Gold meat bun," "Gold bun," "Azuki bar," "Melon ball," "Canned water yokan," "Sliced pineapple ice cream," "Yawamochi ice cream," and "[Secret]."

A capsule toy "Imuraya Motto, Motto! Fun Snack Collection" that Imuraya fans shouldn't miss. If you see it, try it!

(C) Imuraya