Chilled cup beverage "Mount Rainier Black"

Morinaga Milk Industry's chilled cup coffee brand "Mount Rainier" will release a limited-time chilled cup beverage "Mount Rainier Black" on July 16th. It comes in 240ml (8.12us fl oz) and the estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax). The sales period is scheduled until around September.

This is sugar-free black coffee that you can enjoy refreshingly even in the summer. The low-temperature extraction method keeps the original aroma and richness of coffee, suppresses bitterness and acidity, and makes it refreshing to drink. We use 100% "Arabica coffee beans" carefully selected by Morinaga Milk Industry researchers who are qualified as "Classificador" certified by the Brazilian government. The package has a refreshing design that is perfect for hot weather. Calories are 0 kcal.

"Mount Rainier Black" is perfect for refreshing on a hot day and you can enjoy a refreshing drink. Recommended for those who say "Coffee is black!" Why don't you pick it up when you see it?