Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Maple Hunt Latte"

Morinaga Milk Industry's chilled cup coffee brand "Mount Rainier" will release "Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Maple Hunt Latte" on September 7th. The price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Maple Hunt Latte

"Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Maple Hunt Latte" is a limited-time flavored coffee made by adding Canadian maple syrup to cafe latte, which is a blend of espresso and rich milk. For maple syrup, we have selected a grade product called "Berry Dark", which is characterized by its rich taste. In addition, there are two types of designs for the package that makes you feel like hunting autumn leaves, and when you put them side by side, you can enjoy searching for mistakes in 7 places with "Risu Detective".

Mount Rainier

Launched in February 1993, "Mount Rainier" is a pioneer brand that created a new category called "chilled cup coffee." You can easily enjoy the taste of espresso and milk anytime, anywhere. We have various lineups that you can drink according to your mood and scene.