Starbucks "Starbucks Ice Americano"

From the Starbucks Chilled Cup series, "Starbucks Ice Americano" will be released on July 16th. The price is 165 yen (excluding tax). The sales area is convenience stores nationwide.

This is sugar-free black coffee that is perfect for refreshing in the summer. You can enjoy Americano with a clean and crisp aftertaste while having a solid richness and bitterness. Uses "espresso roasted beans" carefully selected by Starbucks.

In addition, it has a capacity of 240 ml, which is slightly larger than a normal chilled cup, making it a cup that you can fully enjoy in the hot summer.

The package is designed with the same coffee beans and coffee leaves as "Starbucks Cafe Latte" and "Starbucks Doppio Espresso". By adopting a transparent cup with a stylish form, it is expressed that it is a sugar-free black coffee that looks cool.

Starbucks Ice Americano, a Starbucks chilled cup that you want to drink very much on a hot day. How about taking a break?