Thirty One Ice Cake "'Alien'"

Thirty One Ice Cream will release the ice cream cake "'Alien'" on July 1st. The size is about 15 cm in diameter x about 6 cm in height, and the reference price is 3,300 yen (tax included, price may vary depending on the store).

This is an ice cake designed with the characters that appear in "Toy Story". The inside is finished with "popping shower" and the outside is finished with "chocolate chips".

Three big cute eyes, and a characteristic head and cute ears are chocolate. The big mouth that seems to start talking is expressed by chocolate whipped cream. The chest is topped with chocolate with the trademark of "alien" clothes.

The ice cream mount is a blue background with the image of space, and aliens, rockets, stars, and buzz are designed.

Thirty One's new ice cake "'Alien'" is so cute that it's a waste to eat. "Toy Story" fans should check it out!