Yamazaki "Lunch Pack (Triple Pop)"

From Yamazaki's "Lunch Pack" series, "Lunch Pack (Triple Pop)" in collaboration with Thirty One Ice Cream will be on sale from July 1st. Limited time until September 30th.

This is a packed lunch where you can enjoy the flavors of three popular flavors of Thirty One in one bag. "Triple Pop" is a popular product of Thirty One, where you can enjoy three flavors of ice cream in a slightly smaller size at once.

Creams with the image of "berry berry strawberry", "caramel ribbon" and "chocolate mint" are sandwiched in a soft bread. It seems that you can enjoy it even if you cool it.

Berry Berry Strawberry is a milk-flavored strawberry cream with thick strawberry pulp. Caramel ribbon is a vanilla cream accented with a rich caramel jelly texture. Chocolate mint is finished in a refreshing mint cream with shavings.