Lawson "Summer Tea Punch"
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Two Lipton drinks will be available at each Lawson store on June 25th. "Lipton Fruit In Tea Green" and "Lipton Summer Tea Punch".

・ The second collaboration product between Lipton Fruit In Tea Green "Lipton" and Lawson "Machi Cafe". It is said that it is finished in a green tea that can be drunk refreshingly with three kinds of fruits of lime, lemon and apple.

Lawson "Lipton Summer Tea Punch"

The moment you pour the green tea, the ice melts and it's ready to drink, so you can enjoy the sweetness of the green tea and the refreshing fruit. Limited quantity. The price is 380 yen (tax included, same below).

・ Lipton Summer Tea Punch A cup of fruit tea from the Lipton Tea Stand. Earl Gray-based black tea with strawberry, orange, lemon juice and mint scents. The price is 151 yen.

Lawson "Lipton Summer Tea Punch"

Two Lipton drinks that are perfect for hot and humid days. Would you like to accompany a "little breath"?

* The arrival status and price may differ depending on the region.