McDonald's "McShake Yogurt Flavor"
It's been 3 years

"McShake Yogurt Flavor" will be on sale from June 26th at each McDonald's store (excluding some stores). Limited time until late July. The price is 120 yen for S size and 200 yen for M size, both including tax.

McShake yogurt flavor is a popular product that has been sold many times as a limited-time flavor when the temperature gradually rises. This is the first appearance in 3 years.

A refreshing McShake where you can enjoy the slightly sweet and sour yogurt flavor and the harmony of the creamy texture. The yogurt scent that fills your mouth and the refreshing aftertaste are perfect for hot summers.

McDonald's "McShake Yogurt Flavor"

Sales time is from 10:30 am to closing. Until 1:00 am the next day at stores that are open 24 hours a day.

This year, McDonald's will develop various products under the theme of "McShake and Refrechu !!". During the period, all flavors of McShake will be offered in original cups with a pop "refreche" design (limited quantity). Enjoy the coolness of the appearance.