"McShake Morinaga Ramune" for a limited time on Mac
Morinaga Ramune x McShake's first collaboration!

From McDonald's, a new menu "McShake Morinaga Ramune" will be released in collaboration with Morinaga & Co.'s "Morinaga Ramune". It will be on sale for a limited time from May 20th to mid-June.

A cool, cold-drinking dessert where you can enjoy the refreshing and refreshing flavor of Morinaga Ramune, a long-selling product for over 40 years, with the creamy and gentle sweetness of McShake. Morinaga Ramune tablets are not used as raw materials, and the taste of Ramune is reproduced. It's a perfect companion for work or study, when you want to refresh yourself in the warmer season.

The selling price is 120 yen for S size (tax included, same below) and 200 yen for M size. Only the S size is available in a limited quantity in the same original cup as the "Morinaga Ramune" package, with the red logo shining in a refreshing light blue. You can enjoy the collaboration with a refreshing feeling like early summer.

"McShake Morinaga Ramune" for a limited time on Mac
S size comes in a limited number of special cups!

It is handled at McDonald's nationwide, but some stores are excluded. Sales time is from 10:30 am to closing. At 24-hour stores, it is until 1 am the next day. We recommend that you check the McDonald's official website for the business status of each store.

"McShake Morinaga Ramune" for a limited time on Mac
For refreshment, work, and study

Also, as a campaign, follow the McDonald's official account on Twitter, select the tweet targeted for the campaign, attach the hashtag of "# Ramune only refreshing talk", write "Your refreshing talk" and retweet with comments, Mack 2,000 yen worth of cards will win 100 people by lottery. You can participate in the campaign from 16:30 on May 15th to 23:59 on May 18th.