Starbucks You Are Here Collection ”JAPAN Series“ Japan Summer Version ”

"Japan Summer version" is now available from the Starbucks "You Are Here Collection" series. It will be released on June 19th at each Starbucks store (excluding some stores).

"You Are Here Collection" is a product series based on the concept of remembering and feeling the experience there through a mug by bringing back the collection as a memory of visiting various parts of the world. As part of the "You Are Here Collection" Japan series, mugs and tumblers with designs inspired by the symbols of Japan such as Mt. Fuji, sushi, cherry blossoms, and daruma dolls have appeared.

The "Japan Summer version" is the third in the Japan Seasonal series, which depicts the four seasons of Japan. In addition to motifs that symbolize Japan's summer, such as sunflower fields, fireworks, and wind chimes, Daruma dolls wearing straw hats and Mt. Fuji, where the snow melts and the green shines, are designed. Comes with a special gift box.

The lineup is as follows. Price does not include tax.

You Are Here Collection Mug JAPAN Summer 59ml (2us fl oz) 1,200 yen
You Are Here Collection Stainless Tumbler JAPAN Summer 473ml (15.99us fl oz) 4,000 yen
You Are Here Collection Mug JAPAN Summer 355ml (12us fl oz) 1,800 yen