JR East Water Business "From Aqua Shikuwasa x Mint"
Unsweetened flavored water found at a JR station

I found the flavor water "Shikuwasa x Mint" of "From a AQUA" at the vending machine in the station yard of JR East, so I bought it. It is sugar-free and has a slight acidity and a strong citrus-like aroma.

The price is 120 yen (tax included) with 280 ml. "From Aqua", which uses natural water from the Tanigawa mountain range, offers flavored water with various scents in addition to mineral water, but this time I bought a product using Shikuwasa, a citrus fruit from Okinawa Prefecture. ..

JR East Water Business "From Aqua Shikuwasa x Mint"
280 ml

Some so-called flavored water is sweetened, but this is sugar-free. When you put it in your mouth, only a faint sourness remains on your tongue.

JR East Water Business "From Aqua Shikuwasa x Mint"
It may be unusual to enjoy the flavor of Shikuwasa without sweetness or alcohol

The smell is refreshing and you can enjoy a unique flavor that is different from lemon and lime. Drinks with shikuwasa are often served at Okinawan restaurants, but drinking without alcohol or carbonic acid may be a surprisingly rare experience. On the other hand, the mint flavor is not so strong compared to the shikuwasa. Suitable for people who want to change their mood during the free time on the move.