Tully's Coffee "22nd Anniversary Happy Bag"

At Tully's Coffee, a limited-quantity bag "22nd Anniversary Happy Bag" will be released on June 24th to commemorate the founding date of August 7th (excluding some stores). Reservations are being accepted.

Anniversary bag packed with the "joy" and "fun" of coffee under the theme of "-Coffee Makes You Happy-". Contains limited coffee beans, goods, drink tickets, etc. that can only be obtained with this bag. Two types have appeared this time.

3,000 yen bag

・ Limited Beans Colombia 180g (6.35oz) (powder)
Single-origin coffee cultivated in the Narino area, the southernmost part of Colombia. It has a bright acidity, a smooth mouthfeel, and complex flavors such as lime, cinnamon, and caramel.

・ Limited cold brew Colombia 3 pack
The roasting level is different from that of ground beans, and it features "a little deep roasting" for cold brew coffee. There is refreshingness in the deep richness, and it seems that the aftertaste is sweet.

・ Flower separate bottle
A clear bottle with a gorgeous floral pattern. Since the body is divided into two, it is easy to put ice and it is ideal for enjoying iced coffee.

・ Coffee, latte, 5 tea tickets
You can redeem for one of the short sizes of coffee, latte, and tea.

・ Limited design paper bag

Tully's Coffee "22nd Anniversary Happy Bag"

5,000 yen bag

・ Limited Beans Colombia 180g (6.35oz) (powder)

・ Limited Cold Brew Colombia 3 Pack

・ Limited Beans Mandelin 150g (5.29oz) (powder)
Characterized by flavors such as herbs and chocolate. It seems that you can feel the strength in the clean taste.

・ Flower stainless steel bottle
A refreshing stainless steel bottle containing one point of flowers. Convenient to make coffee and carry.

・ Coffee Farm Teddy
A teddy with a design that looks like a hemp bag for coffee beans. Since the patterns are randomly entered, the atmosphere is different one by one.

・ Coffee, latte, 8 tea tickets

・ Limited design paper bag

Tully's Coffee "22nd Anniversary Happy Bag"