Ginza Cozy Corner "[Aladdin] Star Festival Collection (9 pieces)"
I want to enjoy it with the movie!

"[Aladdin] Star Festival Collection (9 pieces)" will be released on June 17th at each Ginza Cozy Corner store (excluding some stores). The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until July 11th.

This is a new petit cake set inspired by Disney's latest movie "Aladdin". The story of "Aladdin" and the exotic world are expressed.

When you open the BOX designed with the famous scene floating in the night sky, you can see characters such as "Aladdin" wrapped in a turban with feathers, "Jasmine" with peacock feathers, and "Genie", a character that can be transformed freely. An array of items. Star chocolate is topped on the cakes of the characters and items associated with the "three wishes" in the story.

Ginza Cozy Corner "[Aladdin] Star Festival Collection (9 pieces)"

The contents of the assortment are as follows.

・ "Jasmine" white chocolate cream cake ・ "Genie" mint flavored cream tart ・ "Aladdin" lemon flavored cream and berry cream tart ・ "Rajah" chocolate cream roll cake ・ "Palace" strawberry cream and mango cream roll Cake ・ "Abu" fruit tart ・ "Jaffer cassis cream and mango cream cake ・" Magic lamp "Mango and coconut mousse ・" Magic carpet "Lemon flavor cream and blueberry flavor sponge roll cake