Matsuya "Bibin Don Showdown"

At each Gyudon chain Matsuya store, the "Matsuya Bibin Don Confrontation" will be held from 10 o'clock on May 7th (excluding some stores), where two types of "Bibin Don" compete for the number of sales. "Heisei's long-selling" pork "bibin bowl" and "new" beef "bibin bowl" will appear.

Heisei's long-selling "pork" bibin bowl is a menu with pork as the main character, fried with root vegetables kinpira and kimchi on an iron plate, and finished with a sweet and spicy sauce with a gochujang flavor. With miso soup, the price starts from 490 yen (tax included, same below).

On the other hand, the new "Beef" Bibin Don is a menu where you can enjoy the crispy texture of beef, komatsuna namul, and root vegetable kinpira. With miso soup, the price starts from 550 yen.

The showdown period is until May 20th (sales until early June). During the confrontation period, Bibin Don, which sold more, will be considered for regular commercialization after the fall of 2019.

You can check the stores selling each menu on Matsuya's official website.