Moriba "Domestic Juicy White Peach Tart"
Have tea at Moriba

I ate "Domestic Juicy White Peach Tart" from Moriba Coffee. The combination of peach and custard is stable and delicious.

Moriba Coffee "Domestic Juicy White Peach Tart"
3 layers of custard, white peach and dough

The menu that appeared in late April is priced at 410 yen (tax included). When you line up on the display shelves at the counter, you get the impression that they are sober sweets, but when you order, the shop staff will give you a bright red fruit crunch and it will be surprisingly colorful.

Moriba "Domestic Juicy White Peach Tart"
Beautiful red fruit crunch

As for the taste, the compote-like texture of white peach and the moist texture of hard custard complement each other.

Moriba "Domestic Juicy White Peach Tart"
It's fun to feel the faint acidity of white peach in contrast to custard

It's also fun to be aware of the faint acidity of white peach, which you don't usually notice because of the gentle sweetness of custard. The crunch fruit is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a nice crunchy accent.

I would like to say that it is a cool and cold dessert that goes well with bitter hot coffee, but in the hot season it may be combined with ice cafe au lait.