KALDI "Original Soup Jar Set"
Limited quantity

"Original soup jar set" is on sale from KALDI Coffee Farm. The price is 3,000 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

This is an original soup jar set that can be sealed, kept warm and cold, and is convenient to carry. "Thermos soup jar" and "Gentry soup corn potage (1p)" are combined.

KALDI "Original Soup Jar Set"

The Thermos Soup Jar has the same vacuum insulation structure as a stainless steel thermos bottle and can keep the temperature at the time of eating. Parts can be removed finely and can be washed everywhere. The lid is dishwasher compatible. It is also excellent for keeping cold, so it can be used to carry cold desserts such as fruits, yogurt, jelly and pudding.

Gentry Soup Corn Potage is a creamy soup that is consomme and rich, and the sweetness of sweet corn spreads. No chemical seasonings, fragrances or preservatives.

* Inventory varies depending on the store