Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
Please use it as a snack or snack!
material ( For 1-2 people )
Radish 150g
Small green onion For 2 to 3 bottles
Starch 3 tbsp
salt Appropriate amount
Sesame oil 2 tsp
Favorite ingredients such as shirasu, small shrimp, bacon, etc. Appropriate amount
Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
Easy snack "radish cake"

Introducing "Turnip Cake", a fragrant and salty adult snack. If you have this, you will want to drink beer from daytime, so please be careful ...!

● Materials

Click here for what to prepare. I refer to the recipe of the Co-op Pal System.

Radish 150g
2 to 3 small green onions, 3 tablespoons of potato starch
2 teaspoons of salt and sesame oil
Shirasu, small shrimp, bacon, etc.

This time, I will use sesame seeds as ingredients.

● How to make

Wash the radish, grate it with the skin, and lightly squeeze the water. At this time, do not throw away the squeezed soup.

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
150g of radish is about this

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
Grate the whole skin

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
Squeeze the juice

Mix grated radish, green onions, potato starch and salt in a bowl. If it is hard, add radish squeezed juice little by little to make it as soft as an earlobe. On the contrary, if it is loose, add a little potato starch.

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"

Add shirasu and sesame seeds and mix well.

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"

Heat sesame oil in a frying pan and scoop the dough into bite-sized pieces with a spoon. Flatten it into a round shape, turn it over, and bake it on both sides to complete it! Enjoy with your favorite seasoning such as soy sauce, ponzu sauce, and mustard.

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
If both sides are browned

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"

● What is the taste?

When you stretch it, it's plump and plump! The more you chew, the more refreshing the flavor of radish and the aroma of sesame oil spread throughout your mouth. Yeah!

Simple recipe for "Turnip cake"
The scent of sesame oil and the plumpness make the beer unstoppable

The umami of crispy bittersweet onions and shirasu, and the texture of bubble wrap sesame are also nice accents. It is recommended to taste it refreshingly with ponzu sauce!