NITORI "Cat Design Mug & Teapot"

When I was checking NITORI's tableware corner, I found an item with a design that cat lovers shouldn't miss! I bought it unintentionally.

A mug with a cat tail design on the handle. The price is 299 yen (tax included, same below). There are two designs, a black cat and a calico cat. Made of earthenware, the size is width 11 x depth 8.5 x height 8.5 cm.

NITORI "Mug Cup Calico"
Too cute ...!

The handle is rounded, so it's easy to catch your fingers. It's cute whether you have two cats with the same pattern or one black cat and one calico cat ♪

NITORI "Mug Cup Calico"
It's surprisingly easy to hold

A heat-resistant glass mug with the same design is also on sale. There are also two types of patterns, black cats and calico cats. The price is 498 yen. The size is 8 width x 10.5 depth x 9 cm height.

NITORI "Heat-resistant glass mug black cat"
Made of heat-resistant glass

The design allows you to see the silhouette of the cat from the back. Since it is made of heat-resistant glass, you can enjoy it with a warm drink, but it may be easily broken because the glass is a little thin.

NITORI "Heat-resistant glass mug black cat"-AAABBBDFDSAFDASFSAAA-
Even from the opposite side

In addition, I found a teapot with a black cat printed on it! The price is 799 yen. There is one design. The size is width 17.5 x depth 10 x height 14 cm.

NITORI "Teapot Kuroneko"

NITORI "Teapot Kuroneko"
Put tea leaves here

It has the same design as the mug, so if you use it as a set, it will double the cuteness! Tea time will be more fun ♪

NITORI "Teapot Kuroneko"
Cute when combined ♪

If you like cats, you'll want to get a mug and teapot designed by NITORI's cat. Why don't you be healed by cute cats?