Editor's Note (December 25, 2020): NITORI Co., Ltd. announced "Apology and Notice of Voluntary Recall" for NITORI's diatomaceous earth products. For details, please see " Important Notice " of NITORI Corporation.

NITORI coaster

I actually bought and used 4 types of coasters with a design that is perfect for summer, which are sold by NITORI. Two types, diatomaceous earth type and ceramic type.

・ Diatomaceous earth coaster
The "diatomaceous earth coaster (SEA Q)" with a cool blue pattern and the "water-absorbing diatomaceous earth coaster (cat)" with a cute smiley face. The size is about 10 cm wide x 10 cm deep. The price is 277 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

NITORI "Diatomaceous Earth Coaster"
Diatomaceous earth coaster

A convenient item that absorbs water droplets from the glass and prevents ring stains on the table. If it is very dirty, use a fine-grained tool (sandpaper 300-400) to scrape off the dirt on the surface to restore the water supply effect.

NITORI "Diatomaceous Earth Coaster"

NITORI "Diatomaceous Earth Coaster"
Inhale water drops firmly

・ Ceramic coaster
Moroccan style casual and fashionable "ceramic coaster that absorbs water", (tile 2 GR Q) and (tile 2 BL Q). The size is about 9.5 cm wide x 9.5 cm deep. The price is 231 yen.

NITORI "Ceramic Coaster"
Ceramic coaster

Made of ceramic, it absorbs water droplets from the glass. The back side is cork. The design is easy to adapt to various scenes, and it seems convenient to have one set.

NITORI "Ceramic Coaster"
The back side is cork

A NITORI coaster that is perfect for summer. Designs other than the four types introduced this time are also on sale at the same time. Check out the items you care about!