KALDI original cat pass case
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Here is a collection of cat-themed products from KALDI Coffee Farm! Mini cat cans, cat passcases, and more.

KALDI Original Noriato Neko

Cute cut Nori seaweed with a feline pattern. There are a total of four different patterns in four sheets of 16 sheets. Price: 313 yen (tax included, same as below).

KALDI Original Glue-Art Cat

KALDI Original Mini Cat Can Ball Chocolates

Chocolate in a palm-sized can in the shape of a cute cat. Two designs are available: gray and brown. The price is 313 yen each.

KALDI original mini cat can ball chocolate

KALDI Original Nyan Cat Milk Chocolate

Mouth-watering milk chocolate wrapped in 10 cute cat-patterned wrapping paper. Contains about 22 to 23 pieces. Price: ¥516.

KALDI Original Nyanko Milk Chocolate

KALDI Original Junmai Ginjo Karaneko-sama Sakura

This cute cat-patterned cup of sake, made from Shizuoka's Honefuji, is easy to drink and comes in a 180ml (6.09us fl oz) bottle for 375 yen.

KALDI Original Junmai Ginjo Karaneko-sama Sakura

KALDI original cat pass case

A pass case with a cat's face attached to a ball chain. It can also be used as a key case or coin case. Price: 321 yen.

KALDI original cat pass case

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