Matsuya's "Three Brothers of Pork" menu has been renewed

The "Three Brothers of Pork Yakiniku" menu has been renewed at each Gyudon chain Matsuya store. A new menu using "Boston butt" will be available from 15:00 on February 19th (excluding some stores).

First of all, the popular "pork rose ginger-grilled set meal" has become "pork shoulder loin ginger-grilled set meal". Boston butt and onions are baked on an iron plate and finished with a generous amount of special ginger sauce. The volume of meat has increased compared to pork ribs, and the ginger sauce has also been improved to make it more delicious. In addition, mayonnaise is attached. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same below) with rice, miso soup, and raw vegetables.

In addition, "Boston butt pork set meal with rice and miso soup" (650 yen with rice and miso soup) and "Plenty of green onion salt pork shoulder butt bowl" (normal with miso soup from 490 yen) will be on sale from the same day.

If you order "Ginger-grilled pork shoulder loin set meal" or "Pork shoulder loin pork grilled meat set meal", you can get a large serving of rice for free until 10:00 on March 5th. Please use it if you want to eat it!