Matsunoya Matsunoya "Escabeche-style Aji Fry"

"Escabeche-style Aji Fry" will be on sale from 3:00 pm on July 21st at Matsunoya and Matsunoya stores (excluding some stores). The price is 790 yen (tax included, same below).

Escabeche-style Aji fry set meal

Escabeche-style loin cutlet set meal

Escabeche-style chicken fillet and set meal

Escabeche-style thick-sliced loin cutlet set meal

Matsunoya Matsunoya "Escabeche-style Aji Fry"

"Escabeche-style Aji Fry" is a menu in which "Escabeche", which is also called "Mediterranean Nanbanzuke" in Spain, is arranged in a pine tree style. Peppercorn is added to the secret flavor so that it can be mariaged with Matsuya's proud large-sized "Aji fry". The sweetness of onions and the sourness of vinegar make you feel the Mediterranean style.

The sour crispy vegetables and tartar sauce with herbs are a great supporting role that goes well with Aji fry and gives a refreshing feeling. You can enjoy various textures with sliced onions, onions with tartar sauce, and green onions that add color.

In addition to "Escabeche-style Aji fry set meal" (790 yen), "Escabeche-style loin and set meal" (690 yen), "Escabeche-style chicken fillet set meal" (690 yen), "Escabeche-style thick-sliced loin set meal" ( 790 yen) will also be prepared.

Both can be taken home. In that case, miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen.