Lotteria "Chicken Nanban Tartar Tartar Burger"
Chicken Nanban Tartar Tartar Burger

"Chicken Nanban Tartar Tartar Burger" will be released on March 14th at each Lotteria store (excluding some stores). Limited time until the end of April. The price is 450 yen (tax included, same below).

This is an improvement on the popular "Chicken Nanban Tartar Burger" released in March 2018. Juicy chicken patties are sandwiched with young chicken thighs seasoned with light soy sauce or ginger in a Japanese-style deep-fried Tatsuta style.

Lotteria "Chicken Nanban Tartar Burger"
`` Chicken Nanban Tartar Burger'' released in 2018

The seasoning is a special tartar sauce that mixes egg yolk, onions, mayonnaise, etc. with Nanban sauce made in Japanese style with apple cider vinegar and bonito dashi. The amount of tartar sauce has been doubled to normal, and the burger is full of volume.

At the same time, "Chicken Nanban Karaage" will be on sale during the same period. A product that you can enjoy by dipping a special tartar sauce and nanban sauce into the popular side menu "Chicken Karaage". The price is 190 yen.

Lotteria "Chicken Nanban Karaage"
Chicken nanban fried chicken