Kentucky Fried Chicken "1000 Yen Pack" "1500 Yen Pack"
Save up to 480 yen

At each Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store, the great deals "1000 Yen Pack" and "1500 Yen Pack" will be on sale for a limited time from February 13th to March 5th (excluding some stores).

These are packs that combine KFC's popular classic chicken "original chicken" and "kernel crispy". The "1000 yen pack", which is 400 yen cheaper than the regular price, has 3 pieces each of original chicken and kernel crispy, and the "1500 yen pack", which is 480 yen cheaper than the regular price, has 5 pieces of original chicken and 4 pieces of kernel crispy. Is included.

The original chicken is raw chicken seasoned with 11 kinds of herbs and spices secret from Kernel Sanders. By frying while applying pressure using a pressure cooker, it is finished to be plump and juicy.

Kernel crispy is a boneless chicken that is carefully fried in a store with tender chicken breast. It has a crispy texture and the taste of garlic and soy sauce is irresistible.