Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods
Which one do you like?

Bar foods that can be eaten quickly when you don't have time to eat breakfast or when you are hungry in the evening. They are a lifesaver for today's busy people.

Recently, there are quite a variety of bar foods available. In this article, we compare five bar foods sold in the bar food section of 7-ELEVEN!

Bar Foods: Comparison and Ranking!

I bought these five products this time.

In Bar Protein Baked Chocolate / Morinaga Seika 163 yen (tax included, same as below)
SoyJoy Almond & Chocolate / Otsuka Pharmaceutical 123 yen
1 Satisfaction Bar Cereal Chocolate / Asahi Group Foods 130 yen
Slow Bar Chocolate Cookies / Bourbon 108 yen
Calorie Mate Chocolate Flavor (2-pack) / Otsuka Pharmaceutical 108 yen

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods
We will compare these five.

To compare the flavors, all were purchased in the "chocolate" flavor. Incidentally, three of the five, In Bar Protein, Slow Bar, and Calorie Mate, were labeled "nutritionally adjusted food" on the back of the package. SoyJoy is "confectionery" and 1 Satisfaction Bar is "chocolate.

Personally, I was a little surprised to see a nutritionally adjusted food from Bourbon. I had no idea!

Bar Foods Eating Comparison

I opened the packages and laid them out. They look quite different.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods
The size and color are totally different.

Let's compare them.

In Bar Protein

A bar-type protein supplement with 166 kcal per bar, containing not only protein but also vitamins and folic acid.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

When you bite into it, it has a firm, chewy texture, and the rich, bitter dark chocolate taste will give you a big thump. The crunchy texture of the soybean puffs accentuates the taste. The chewy texture requires a lot of chewing, and one piece is quite satisfying.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods


A bar food made from whole soybeans (excluding the thin skin); 146 kcal per bar; contains protein, soy isoflavone, and dietary fiber.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Of the five, the texture is the stickiest. It is also the hardest. The bar itself tastes light, but it is filled with large crushed almonds and chocolate chips, and each bite is alternately textured, savory, and moderately sweet.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

One Satisfaction Bar

A bar food filled with corn flakes, almonds, raisins, wheat puffs, etc., covered in chocolate. 195 kcal per bar; contains dietary fiber and vitamins.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

It is the longest in total length of the five. Unlike the others, it has an "almost filling" finish, as if the ingredients were covered with chocolate and hardened rather than mixed into the bar.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

From the moment you bite into it to the moment you swallow it, it is crunchy and chewy all the way through, and the rich chocolate mellows out the savory cereal flavor and sweetness of the raisins. It is more like a candy than a nutritional food, but that makes it easy to eat.

Slow Bar

This nutritionally adjusted food, just like a chocolate cookie, contains 188 kcal per serving and contains palatinose, a carbohydrate that is digested and absorbed slowly. It contains calcium, iron, vitamins and folic acid.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

It is the thickest of the five. It is crispy and moist, with a delicious Ka●tory-ma'am-like texture. The crunchy, crispy chocolate chips add a nice bittersweet accent when you bite into it.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Calorie Mate

Calorie Mate is a well-known "balanced nutrition food," containing 200 kcal per serving (two sticks) and a variety of nutrients including protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamins, and folic acid.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

It has the most delicate texture of the five. It is slightly salty and crispy, with a subtle chocolate flavor that gradually wafts over the tongue. The chocolate cake is very filling, as it falls apart when you bite into it, absorbing the moisture in your mouth and melting into a sticky substance.

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods

Food Bars Ranking

All products were about equal in terms of satiety gained from a single serving. But here is my personal ranking among them. I did not consider nutrients, but simply based on taste and ease of eating.

No. 1 In Bar Protein
2nd Slow Bar
No.4 1 Satisfaction Bar
5th Calorie Mate

The Inbar Protein and Slow Bars were so good, with a solid, rich bitter chocolate flavor! The former was ranked No. 1 because its sticky texture made it even more satisfying to eat.

The 1-satisfaction bar is delicious, but it is a little disappointing that the chocolate gradually melts and gets your hands dirty if you eat it with bare hands. Well, that can be solved by eating it while taking it out of the bag, though.

And Calorie Mate is a stable taste, but it has a different taste and texture compared to the other bars. Also, it tends to spill when eating, so it was a little difficult to eat at my desk at work. It is rich in nutrients, and I only remember eating Calorie Mate when I was a student...

Comparison and Ranking of 5 "Bar Foods
Staple food for growing children

When time is short, bar foods are a tasty and easy way to replenish nutrients. The taste and texture of each one is completely different, so why not compare and find your favorite!