Godiva "Chocolixer Uji Matcha Extreme"
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A new flavor of chocolate drink "Chocolixer" "Chocolixer Uji Matcha Gokumi" is on sale from October 17th to November 17th at Godiva's limited stores (finished as soon as it runs out).

Uji Matcha powder, which is a blend of the best tea, is carefully selected and blended by a tea master who has won the national tea examination technology competition twice in the past. It is characterized by its elegant taste and deep bitterness. Uji Matcha is used 1.7 times more than "Chocolate White Chocolate Uji Matcha".

Some cold drinks contain finely crushed white chocolate. The inside of the cup is decorated with Uji matcha sauce, and the top of the whipped cream is decorated with Uji matcha powder. Matcha chocolate sticks are added to the finish.