Lotteria "Chef-style salmon grilled burger"
"Chef tailored" burger

At each Lotteria store, "Chef-style salmon grill burger (Olandies-style sauce)" and "Chef-style salmon grill burger (Yuzu scented wasabi miso)" will be on sale for a limited time from November 1st (some stores are open). Except). The price is 420 yen each (tax included).

The main patty is a fish patty that is made by dice-cutting refreshing salmon and mixing it with sautéed onions. It is grilled in the store with sliced onions so that you can enjoy the taste of the patty.

There are two types of sauces that determine the taste. "Olandies-style sauce" with butter and egg yolk mixed with lemon juice and black pepper and refreshing herb tarragon, and Shinshu miso with horseradish and real wasabi, topped with domestic chopped yuzu "Yuzu scented wasabi" "Miso" is available.

Lotteria "Chef-style salmon grilled burger"
Which sauce would you like, Western or Japanese?