Ueshima Coffee Shop "Purple potato milk coffee-using Amendoro-"
This is worrisome!

At each Ueshima Coffee store (excluding some stores), a limited-time menu "Purple Taro Milk Coffee-Amendoro Use-" will be released on October 12th. The price starts from S size 540 yen (tax included). The sale period is until November 20th.

This is a milk coffee that combines two types of purple potatoes. Ueshima coffee shop's specialty milk coffee using double nel drip coffee (a method of further filtering and extracting coffee once extracted with new coffee powder) and 100% Kagoshima prefecture purple potatoes are slowly boiled and have a gentle sweetness. Additive-free syrup Amendoro (potato honey made from sweet potatoes) is combined.

By combining the original fresh caramel cream with the secret flavor, it seems to bring out the rich sweetness of purple sweet potatoes. To finish, also topped with freeze-dried powder of purple sweet potato.