Ueshima Coffee Ten "Cold Coffee Soda" for a limited time

From the Ueshima Coffee store, it was announced on the official website that "Cold Coffee Soda" will appear as a seasonal menu for a limited time. It has been available since April 21st.

It is a cup of soda that you can enjoy the richness and sweetness of a coffee shop. As with regular iced coffee, three sizes are available: "S", "R", and "L". The calories per cup are 46 kcal for S size, 58 kcal for R size, and 92 kcal for L size. In both cases, not only eat-in but also To go is possible depending on the store.

As a general rule, cold coffee soda is sold at each Ueshima Coffee store, but some stores may not sell it and prices may differ. You can check the list of the location and phone number of the nearest store from the official website. However, please note that some stores have shorter business hours. An example of the selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Cold coffee soda R 500 yen ・ Cold coffee soda L 620 yen