Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory "Marron Roll"
Marron lover, must-eat!

"Marron roll" is on sale from the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. The price is 1,890 yen (tax included). Seasonal product. It will end as soon as it runs out.

This is a roll cake made "in search of the original taste of chestnuts". In order to make the most of the original sweetness and aroma of chestnuts, Kumamoto-produced Japanese chestnuts and French-produced chestnuts, malon cream using two types of paste, and milk cream using Italian mascarpone are wrapped in a fluffy sponge dough.

The stores are Haneda Airport 1st Passenger Terminal Store, Haneda Airport 2nd Passenger Terminal Store, Tokyo Station / Ecute Keiyo Street Store, Shibuya Tokyu Food Show Store, LUMINE Shinjuku Store, LUMINE Tachikawa Store, Atre Kichijoji Store, LUMINE Ogikubo Store.