Matsuya's new menu "Ushinabe Zen"

At each Gyudon chain Matsuya store, "Gyudon Zen", which is perfect for the chilly season, will be on sale from 10 o'clock on October 9th (excluding some stores). With rice, miso soup, and a small bowl to choose from, the price is 590 yen (tax included, same below).

The beef pot set is a menu of beef, onions, and tofu stewed in a special sukiyaki sauce. Using "aged chilled beef", it is a highly satisfying dish where you can fully enjoy the meat. No chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic coloring agents, or synthetic preservatives are used. You can choose either "raw egg" or "soft-boiled egg" as the small bowl to choose from.

In addition, the "Meat-added beef pot set" (730 yen) with 1.5 times more meat and the "Gyu-nabe set raw vegetable set" (650 yen) with raw vegetables will also be on sale.

* Premium beef rice is not sold at stores, and the price is different because aged chilled beef is not used.