Fujiya Milky x Niigata's specialty "Sasa Dango Flavored Milky Baumkuchen"
Collaboration with Niigata specialties!

As the second "local milky baumkuchen" of Fujiya, "sasa dango flavored milky baumkuchen" in collaboration with Niigata's famous bamboo dumpling will be released on October 5th. Available at souvenir shops in Niigata prefecture. The price is 250 yen (tax included).

Baumkuchen with two layers of bamboo dumpling flavor on the inside and milky flavor on the outside. The outermost part is a milky-flavored sugar coating with plenty of condensed milk. It has a crispy texture and melts instantly in the mouth. You can enjoy a different texture from the soft and fluffy two-layered dough.

The package is a Japanese taste with a bamboo leaf design. Also pay attention to Peko-chan, who is unique to Niigata and wears a kimono with a bamboo petiole.