KALDI "Frozen Cinnamon Rolls"
KALDI's cinnamon rolls are delicious, aren't they? (All images are from the official website)

In commemoration of the number one frozen food sales, "Original Cinnamon Roll" "Cinnamon Increased Edition" is now available at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. Available in limited quantities from October 1st to 8th. The price is 259 yen (tax included).

KALDI's cinnamon rolls are made by sprinkling plenty of cheese frosting on a chewy dough with a scent of cinnamon. You can eat it just by thawing it naturally. Of course, it is delicious even if you warm it with a toaster or microwave.

KALDI "Frozen Cinnamon Rolls"
Rich cinnamon scent

The cinnamon rolls that are only available now are marked by the "Cinnamon Increase Sticker". As soon as the stock runs out, it will return to the normal amount of cinnamon.