Evian Totem Disney Bottle
I want to have 5 types

A limited number of "Evian Totem Disney Bottles" will be released on October 15th from the natural mineral water brand "Evian". Contains 310 ml, and the estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).

The design of the popular anime "Mickey Mouse and Road Racers" where Mickey and his friends ride in a race car and venture around the world. A colorful totem bottle that transforms Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy into cute racers. It seems that it is made in a shape that is easy for children to hold.

"Evian Totem Disney Box" is sold only online. A set of 5 types of totem bottles and an educational game sheet that children can enjoy counting and pairing. The game seats are designed to be enjoyed in both English and Japanese, so you can learn English together while playing. The price is 1,278 yen (excluding tax).

Evian Totem Disney Box
You can play and learn!

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