Tully's Coffee "Matcha Lista (SHAKE)"
Appeared this year

Seasonal "Matcha Lista (SHAKE)" and "& TEA Passion Peach & Mango Tea" will be released on July 13th at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores).

Matcha Lista (SHAKE) is a frozen drink that uses fragrant Uji matcha. The finish is studded with couverture chocolate chips that complement the bittersweetness of matcha. You can enjoy the deep taste and creamy mouthfeel. The price starts from 590 yen for short size (tax included, same below).

& TEA Passion Peach & Mango Tea is a sweet and sour iced tea using peach and passion fruit. Topped with mango pulp, it has a tropical taste. The price starts from 490 yen for tall size.

Tully's Coffee "& TEA Passion Peach & Mango Tea"
Summer fruit tea