Ohayo Dairy Products "Yaki Sweets Summer Limited Chocolate Mint"
Summer only

From the Ohayo Dairy Products "Yaki Sweets" series, "Yaki Sweets Summer Limited Chocolate Mint" will be released on July 10th. The estimated price is 145 yen (tax included).

Yaki Sweets is a dessert series that uses carefully selected ingredients and is baked in our own direct-fired oven. Introducing this time is the "chocolate mint flavor" that is perfect for the hot season.

A dessert that is mixed with chocolate sauce using Belgian chocolate and slowly baked in an open-fire oven. You can enjoy the refreshing refreshing sensation of mentha and the rich taste of chocolate.

The package uses a striped design for the first time in the "Yaki Sweets" series. A refreshing atmosphere is produced.