7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Relax"
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We have compiled new arrivals of sweets and ice cream that will be released sequentially from February 9th at each 7-ELEVEN store. Click here for featured products!

・ Chocolate relaxed ~ 172 yen (tax included, same below)

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Relax"

A cream puff made by putting "baked choco cookie dough" on the chewy choux pastry. You can enjoy the crispy texture and the chewy texture of grilled chocolate.

・ Chocolate nuts made with raw chocolate 213 yen

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate nuts made with raw chocolate"

Chocolat dorayaki to be released at the time of Valentine's Day. Released on February 10th.

・ 7 Premium Matcha Chocolate Bar 203 yen

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Matcha Chocolate Bar"

A luxurious bar ice cream made with matcha, finished with Uji matcha for all of the ice cream, crunch, and chocolate. Released on February 11th.

In addition, the ice cream lineup is as follows.

Morinaga Mou Special Double Melon 183 yen Akagi Adult Gari-Gari-kun Kiwi 108 yen Morinaga Confectionery Cinnamon-loving biscuit sandwich 181 yen * Released on February 11 Haagen-Dazs cookie & cream 318 yen Seria Royle Tyrolean Variety Ice 486 yen