Calbee "Jagabee Shichimi Mayonnaise"
For a limited time!

Calbee's skinned potato stick "Jagabee" brand will pre-sale "Jagabee Shichimi Mayonnaise" at convenience stores on June 25th. It will be released on July 9th at other stores.

In selecting a new taste, we conducted a web questionnaire survey asking "the taste of Jagabee that we want to eat in the summer." "Shichimi mayonnaise", which was selected as the top in the survey, was commercialized. When it was test-sold at some stores in the summer of 2017, it received high praise such as "It's the best snack for sake" and "Mayonnaise's mild feeling is delicious and addictive", and it seems that it was released this time.

The mellow mayonnaise spreads after the spicy shichimi, which makes you want to continue eating. You can enjoy it with its unique “crispy! Hoku!” Texture.

The package expresses Shichimi with a retro and colorful background, and mayonnaise with the cream color of the central arch. The character potta wearing the happi coat of the summer festival is designed.

Calbee "Jagabee Shichimi Mayonnaise"
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The estimated price is around 140 yen for 38g (1.34oz) and around 260 yen for 80g (2.82oz) (16g (0.56oz) x 5 bags) (both including tax). 80g (2.82oz) will be released on July 9th.