Lotteria "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sandwich"
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"Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sandwich" and "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sandwich" will be released on July 5th at each Lotteria store (excluding some stores). The sale period is until the end of August.

Cheese tandoori chicken sandwich is a tandoori chicken made by seasoning chicken thighs with 16 kinds of spices and baking it juicy, topped with Gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese, and sandwiched between naan. The mild taste of cheese and the spiciness of spices are said to be an appetizing "spicy dish". The price is 450 yen (tax included, same below).

Lotteria "Cheese Tandoori Chicken Sandwich"

Tomato tandoori chicken sandwich is a tandoori chicken topped with fresh tomatoes and sliced onions. It is said that it is a dish that you can enjoy the sourness of spicy tandoori chicken and refreshing tomatoes. The price is 450 yen per item.

Lotteria "Tomato Tandoori Chicken Sandwich"

In addition, "Tandoori Chicken Sandwich", where you can enjoy simple and spicy tandoori chicken, will be released on the same day. The price is 390 yen for a single item.

Lotteria "Tandoori Chicken Sandwich"