Yayoiken breakfast "natto breakfast"

Breakfast menu sold at each Yayoiken store (excluding some stores). Offer time is from 5 am to 11 am. Only stores that open after 5 am are on sale from open until 11 am.

The morning set meal

・ Natto breakfast 370 yen ・ Fried egg breakfast 460 yen ・ Silver salmon breakfast 530 yen

3 types (all including tax). This time I ordered the cheapest "natto breakfast".

Yayoiken breakfast "natto breakfast"
Natto breakfast

■ We have standard side dishes!
Natto breakfast with white rice, miso soup, natto, seaweed, tofu, and raw eggs. Since the rice is free to refill, you may enjoy the first cup with natto and the second cup with egg-cooked rice. * White rice can be changed to 16-grain rice. If you change it, you cannot refill the rice

Yayoiken breakfast "Natto breakfast" natto
For large natto

Nori seaweed from Yayoiken's breakfast "natto breakfast"

Yayoiken breakfast "natto breakfast" tofu

Raw egg of Yayoiken breakfast "natto breakfast"
Raw egg

By the way, rice, miso soup, tofu, seaweed, salad, fried egg, and sausage are included in the fried egg breakfast, and rice, miso soup, natto, raw egg, seaweed, and salmon are included in the silver salmon breakfast.

Yayoiken's breakfast menu is recommended for those who want to eat rice and miso soup in the morning. How about tomorrow's breakfast?

* Menus and prices are as of the time of the interview. May vary by store