Wendy's First Kitchen Morning Menu Renewal

Wendy's First Kitchen Morning Menu Renewal

The morning menu at Wendy's First Kitchen locations will be renewed on Thursday, January 26 (except at some locations). A new product, "B-E-L-T (Belt)" will be introduced, and special value-priced sets will also be available.

Wendy's Fast Kitchen Morning Menu

This is the fourth spring with the Corona Disaster. With the gradual increase in opportunities to go to work or school, the lineup will be enhanced before spring. A special morning set includes hash browns and a drink for +190 yen (tax included) and a drink for +110 yen (tax included), available only for mornings.

Three existing items, the "Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich," "Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich," and "Breakfast Sandwich," will be replaced with original buns, perfect for mornings when you want a light meal.


The new "B-E-L-T (Belt)" is an easy-to-eat hot sandwich with plenty of ingredients. It combines crispy bacon and eggs, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and rich cheddar cheese.

Wendy's First Kitchen Morning Menu "B-E-L-T (Belt)

The product name "B-E-L-T" comes from the initial letters of the ingredients (B=bacon, E=egg, L=lettuce, T=tomato).

The price including tax is 450 yen for an individual item, 560 yen for a combination (+ drink), and 640 yen for a hash set (+ fries and drink).

The following stores do not plan to sell this item.
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Tempozan Market Place/Kyoto Shinkyogoku/Kichijoji/Seibu Higashi-Totsuka S.C./Burumail Maidamon/Kohoku Northport Mall/Shobu Mallage/Neyagawa Viva Mall/Kobe Harbor Land umie/ Ario Kawaguchi/ Keio Seiseki Sakuragaoka SC/Akebonobashi/ Okegawa Benibana Walk / Toyama Fabore / Aqua City Odaiba