"Infinite Ochazuke" that you can try at Yayoiken

Yayoiken is a restaurant chain store that focuses on set meals and rice bowls. Previously, I reviewed the " stir-fried meat and vegetables set meal ", " miso-katsu boiled set meal ", and " mixed toji set meal".

Speaking of the charm of such Yayoiken, after all, free refills of rice! (16 grain rice is not allowed). Basically, it is a self-service system that you can use the rice cooker installed in the store by yourself, so it is a nice point to be able to change the amount you like at your own timing.

Of course, you can enjoy it with the side dishes of the set meal you ordered, but you can't miss the "Tsukemono" on each table! I didn't know the name, so I used to call it "all-you-can-eat pickles" or "free pickles", but according to the Yayoiken official Twitter account, the official name is "chopped sesame Chinese cabbage pickles" .

Yayoiken pickles "chopped sesame Chinese cabbage pickles"
Pickles with many fans

"Mugen Ochazuke" is a way to enjoy this pickle on white rice and then pour in free roasted green tea. It is a delicious dish that combines the flavor of fragrant roasted green tea with the saltiness, crispness, and crunchy texture of pickles. It's also delicious to add soy sauce and shichimi on the table, or to combine side dishes with a set meal.

White rice with "chopped sesame Chinese cabbage pickles"
Put pickles on it

Ochazuke with pickles and roasted green tea
Pour roasted green tea and it's done!

White rice, pickles, and roasted green tea are all free, so "Mugen Ochazuke" is perfect for when you want to eat a little more. Why don't you give it a try when you go to Yayoiken!

"Infinite Chazuke" that you can try at Yayoiken
Give it a try ♪

* The service content is as of the time of the interview. May vary by store