"Melon Pancake" at JS Pancake Cafe

At each "JS Pancake Cafe", fairs using seasonal melons are held for a limited time from June 19th to July 16th.

"Melon pancake" is a pancake with a texture similar to melon bread, with cheese cream and cookies sandwiched between fluffy dough baked with fermented butter. The dough is baked in the image of a melon pattern, melon sorbet, and fresh flesh are topped. The price is 1,380 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Fresh melon crepe" is a crepe-flavored crepe dough topped with melon pulp, sorbet, and whipped cream. You can enjoy the mellow scent. The price is 980 yen.

"Fresh Melon Crepe" at JS Pancake Cafe
Plenty of pulp

"Melon and Apricot Parfait" is a premium parfait using juicy melons from Kumamoto prefecture. Apricot, vanilla ice cream, mint julep, etc., the taste changes as you eat. The price is 1,180 yen. Sale until July 1st.

JS Pancake Cafe "Melon and Apricot Parfait"