ISHIYA NIHONBASHI "Ishiya Pancakes Honey & Lemon", "Honey Lemon Cream Soda", etc.

ISHIYA NIHONBASHI, the only directly managed cafe outside of Hokkaido, will release new summer-only menu items "ISHIYA Pancakes Honey & Lemon," "Parfait Honey Lemon & Vanilla," and "Honey Lemon Cream Soda" on June 1.

At ISHIYA NIHONBASHI, "Ishiya Pancakes" are popular because when the film is peeled off, the cream spreads out like a blooming flower, making them popular on SNS. In addition to the standard "Strawberry" flavor, the limited edition flavors that appear seasonally are also gaining popularity.

This season's limited flavors include a refreshing "Honey & Lemon" sweet and drink made with homemade honey lemon so that customers can enjoy plenty of sweet treats even in the hot summer months. Pancakes, as well as parfaits and drinks, offer a refreshing summer taste. Also available for To go only, soft-serve ice cream topped with ISHIYA G's signature "Saku Langue de chat" limited time flavor "Saku Langue de chat (Yubari melon)" will be released at the same time. The combination of the two with the compatible French melon puree will fill your mouth with the aroma of melon.

Ishiya Pancakes Honey & Lemon

Sandwiched between lemon sauce and butter, layered with honey and plenty of whipped cream, this is a summery pancake that is sweet and sour and refreshing to eat. Priced at 1,600 yen (tax included, same below).

Parfait with Honey Lemon & Vanilla

A perfect summer parfait using homemade "honey lemon. It is layered with cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, and lemon sorbet, all of which go perfectly with lemon. The price is 1,400 yen.

Honey Lemon Cream Soda / Lemon Soda

A cool and refreshing soda with lemon sorbet and honey-scented lemon compote. Honey Lemon Cream Soda is priced at 780 yen and Honey Lemon Soda is priced at 650 yen.

Shiroi Koibito Soft Serve Ice Cream with Melon Topping (Ishiya Nihonbashi)

Shiroi Koibito soft serve ice cream topped with a limited time only "Saku Langue de chat (Yubari melon)" and topped with French melon puree. Limited to TEIACT. Price: 600 yen.